Headquartered in Joliet, Illinois with an additional office in Chicago, ChemStaff is the premier water chemistry consulting firm serving the global nuclear industry. Our team brings decades of experience working directly for leading US utilities and new power plant producers to solve and help customers optimize plant performance and efficiently, reduce cost and operator burden, reduce radiation fields, and improve compliance. ChemStaff has centuries of nuclear power experience in the areas of Chemistry, Environmental, and Engineering. ChemStaff utilizes its bank of highly experienced experts and engineers to deliver solutions to power plant personnel at all levels of the organization.

Chemstaff’s core competencies include: Water Treatment, Corrosion, Chemistry, Radiochemistry,
Power Plants, Boilers, Cooling Water, Cooling Towers, Environmental

ChemStaff’s Expert Witness program provides traceable assessment in any areas that assist with cases,
Requiring an engineering or chemistry expert. ChemStaff utilizes its bank of highly experienced experts and engineers to deliver data solutions to your needs.