In-plant Radiation Monitors

LabLogic Systems, Inc.

LabLogic Specializes in instrumentation and software dedicated to the measurement and analysis of radioisotopes used in Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear medicine and research laboratories. Our products include liquid scintilation counter, radiation monitors, personal dosimeters, radio-chromatography instruments and software, micro plate readers, and a variety of radiation safety consumables.

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Headquartered in Joliet, Illinois with an additional office in Chicago, ChemStaff is the premier water chemistry consulting firm serving the global nuclear industry. Our team brings decades of experience working directly for leading US utilities and new power plant producers to solve and help customers optimize plant performance and efficiently, reduce cost and operator burden, reduce radiation [...]

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RADeCO, Inc.

RADeCO manufactures high quality and reliable air sampling instrumentation and consumable products for detecting the presence of airborne radiation.   RADeCO products are used by militaries, nuclear utilities, emergency responders and research institutions throughout the world.

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Mirion Technologies

Our organization is comprised of over 1000 talented professionals, passionate about delivering world class products, services, and solutions in the world of radiation detection and protection. From our 13 operating facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia, Mirion Technologies offers products and services in 5 key areas: Health Physics - Radiation Detection and Protection Instruments Radiation [...]

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Innovative Industrial Solutions, Inc.

We are a solution provider for communications technology integration focusing in the areas of audio, video, telemetry, and wireless communication. We develop and maintain software to display and manipulate these various forms of data. LAN communication with hardware products is definitely a strength for us. Customized products created by us with the assistance of our customers [...]

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HI-Q Environmental Products Company

HI-Q Environmental Products Company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified designer/manufacturer that has been providing air sampling & monitoring equipment, systems and services to the nuclear and environmental monitoring industries since 1973.  Our product line ranges from complete stack sampling systems to complex ambient air sampling stations.  Our product catalog includes: Continuous duty high & low [...]

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