Ludlum Measurements, Inc. (LMI) has been designing, manufacturing and supplying radiation detection and measurement equipment since 1962, and offers one of the largest lines available from any one company. Fundamental to our business philosophy and practices are:

Listening to Customers: actively communicating with customers about their desires and requirements, maintaining the same high levels of customer-focused business practices instilled by our founder, Don Ludlum, and continued by his son and current company President, Larry Ludlum

Engineering Excellence: powering continued high levels of proficiency and excellence via significant investments in engineering

Totally Integration: controlling costs, ensuring quality, and managing delivery schedules

Longevity and Commitment: manufacturingaffordable, reliable, durable instruments backed by long-term support

Legendary Support: performing repairs, calibrations, and training regardless of instrument manufacturing date. LMI additionally supports calibration and repair on many radiation detection instruments from other manufacturers.

Dedication to Security and Safety: providingsignificant contributions towards advancing security along borders and at sea ports and equipping First Responders with instruments to report to potentially hazardous emergency situation