Reef Industries , Inc. supplies Griffolyn®, Permalon® and Armorlon® specialty plastic laminates and
accessories to help reduce outage costs and keep production on schedule. These flexible sheeting materials derive their strength from layers of plastic and high strength cord that provides an exceptional strength material that is lightweight for ease in

Many properties available include:

· Fire retardant to meet safety codes

· Meets requirements for incineration

· UV stabilized for long outdoor life expectancy

· Wide range of colors for custom marking

Some of the excellent applications include:

· Containment tents and closures.

· Outdoor storage covers.

· Floor covers.

· Tubing and bags.

· HIC/Cask covers

· Outdoor storage protection

We welcome the opportunity to provide custom design and fabrication. Stock sizes are available for immediate shipment, and custom sizes are shipped in 10 days or less. We also carry accessory items such as pressure sensitive tape for field fabrication and our reusable Griff-Clips® for quick tie-downs or hangers.