AVANTech is doing its part at lowering costs for the Nuclear Industry as we all strive to keep nuclear power a safe, reliable, and cost-effective source of electricity for the USA power grid.  AVANTech has the “Manufacturing Advantage” as a supplier due to the fact we fabricate 99% of all products in-house — cutting out multiple middlemen. AVANTech has recently made large capital investments acquiring a large Water Jet, CNC Machine, and Steel Plate Roller, and Angle/Pipe Roller which allows us to do all associated work in house at one of our three locations: Columbia, SC (~122,000 ft² facility); Knoxville, TN (~25,000 ft² facility); and Richland, WA (~36,000 ft² facility).  All activities are implemented in accordance with the company’s ASME NQA-1, 10CFR50 Appendix B, DOE Order 414, 10CFR830.120, Quality Assurance Program, as applicable.

Examples of popular cost savings are:  Dewatering Containers (Carbon, SST, and HICs); Dewatering Systems; Engineered Over-Packs / Lifting Devices; Specialty Containers: Irradiated Hardware, Liner-In-Liner (LNL™), Volume Reduction Container (VRC™); Solids Collection Filters (SCF™); Shipping Casks; ALARA Shields; Make-Up Water Systems (Trailer/Box & In-Plant Designs); and complete Liquid Radwaste Processing Systems.  In addition, AVANTech is now a large supplier of Ion Exchange / Specialty Media through our partnership with DuPont Water Solutions (includes the return of genuine legacy Dow and Rohm & Haas Nuclear Grade Products).  AVANTech’s commitment is to provide the absolute best customer service possible for the Nuclear Industry.