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DOP/PAO Testing Specialists

We provide on-site PAO testing/recertification of HEPA filtered equipment to esure the 99.97% threshold is being met.

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NFT Inc.

In the Commercial Nuclear sector, we provide reverse engineering of critical components to help our customers achieve the highest levels of safety.

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River Technologies, LLC

River Technologies, LLC engineers, designs and fabricates equipment for use in a variety of radiological controlled environments with a special emphasis on commercial nuclear power plant applications. All of our product designs are driven with safety and optimum performance at the forefront. We promote partnering with our customers to fabricate products for their specific needs.

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Frham Safety Products, Inc.

Innovation creates success and sustainability. Since 1983, Frham has worked directly with customers to provide products and services that improve safety and productivity in the nuclear industry. TOTES rubber shoe covers, CERTIFIED INCINERABLE products, FRHAM-TEX II coveralls, the M.O.S.T. program, and more recently, OREX protective clothing are just a sample of the products and services [...]

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