J. L. Shepherd & Associates was founded in 1967. Since its inception, the company mission has been to provide the safest, most reliable irradiation and calibration devices for our customers, regardless of price. We are the pre-imminent manufacturer of these systems in the United States. JLS&A currently holds more than twenty separate sealed source and device approvals. Our product lines cover a complete range— gamma, beta, and neutron radiation detection instrument calibration systems and dosimeter irradiation systems, beam,panoramic, and self-shielded, from the micro-R/hr thru the +20,000 R/hr range.

JLS&A’s Radioactive Materials License permits us to manufacture, distribute, install, relocate, repair, reload, and ecommissiono sealed sources and devices. We have also been licensed to decommission older sealed sources in lieu of land burial. As a direct extension of this expertise, JLS&A has been licensed to extend these services for sources and devices made by manufacturers who are no longer in business.