DEQ Technical Sales, LLC is your value added supplier of radiation detection equipment. As a manufacturer’s representative, we work with some of the world's premier radiation detection equipment companies. Our technical staff is one of the most experienced in the industry in radiation safety and health physics instrumentation. We look forward to working with you to meet [...]

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Framatome Inc.

Framatome Inc. provides a broad range of products and services to commercial nuclear utilities and governmental agencies. As a leading supplier of equipment and services to the nuclear industry, the AREVA Nuclear Parts Center offers products specific to the waste minimization and support segment of the business with its cartridge & disposable media filters, ion [...]

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Founded in 1979, WMG has been providing nuclear engineering and technology services, radioactive waste management support and software solutions for well over 30 years. WMG is proud of the heritage that began with the development of the revolutionary RADMAN™ software. Introduced in 1983 and approved by the USNRC in 1984, WMG’s RADMAN™ application forever changed [...]

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Teletrix has been supplying training programs and industry professionals with quality simulated radiation training equipment since 1988. As the leading manufacturer of Radiation Training Simulators in the United States, Teletrix has developed numerous products as a result of extensive customer interaction, survey and feedback. Our customers have asked to be provided with the most realistic [...]

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S&W Technologies has over twenty four years of expertise providing leading edge safety program solutions. Our state of the art application and computer program technology can be customized to meet the particular demands of varying industries. Our solutions have helped our customers manage information that enables them to have a positive impact on the safety and [...]

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Radium Incorporated increases a worker’s quality of work, safety, and productivity while reducing exposure (ALARA) and costs in the commercial nuclear power industry. Radium is focused on exceeding our customers' expectations.

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Quality Nuclear Services, Inc. provides Health Physics and Decontamination services to the nuclear power industry and is an small minority owned business, which was formed and incorporated in December of 1997 in the State of Arkansas. The owners at QNS have over 45 years experience in radiation protection and decontamination services in commercial nuclear power and [...]

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