NNI, a “Premier Fabricator,” has been a solution provider to the nuclear and commercial power industries for the past 50 years. Utilizing our modular construction experience, we have performed many complex heavy metal fabrication projects which have earned us recognition by Westinghouse, Southern Company and others. We currently support Plants Vogtle and VC Summer with their dry shield panels, the first two new nuclear construction projects in the last 30 years. NNI also provides HotGuard, lead free radiation shielding. We provide Boiler Water Circulating Pump repairs/rebuilds for the fossil industry as well as valve repairs/testing for DoD and the commercial market. With extensive welding engineering and welding capabilities, we support the DoD, DOE and the commercial industries working with carbon steel, stainless, stellite, duplex, HY-80 and HSLA-100 materials. All of this is supported by a robust QA/QC program, various code/stamps, and NQA-1 compliance.